Top 10 Breastfeeding Newborn Tips For New Moms

Breastfeeding Newborn tips for new moms

While breastfeeding is so beneficial for both mom and baby, it isn’t exactly easy. There’s long list of struggles us moms face, but luckily, there’s some good breastfeeding newborn tips for new moms to assist us along our journey!

Tip #1 Breastfeeding Arm Pillow

The common nursing pillows just like the Boppy and therefore the My Breast Friend work great. They can travel with you alot easier (restaurants, grandma’s house, round the house). They are a lot easier to maneuver with baby. Picture the scenario: you’re home alone, baby gets hungry. You scoop him up to start out a feeding session, now you some how need to devour an outsized boppy pillow, sit down, get the pillow around you with one arm, all while still safely holding baby. The arm pillow makes it such a lot easier. You slip it under your arm, hold your newborn and take a seat.

Tip #2 The Haakaa

A Haakaa is one among the most reasons mother are ready to collect over 400 ounces in 30 days for their freezer stash.

The Haakaa suctions to the breast you’re not feeding off of and collects the breast milk from you. Averaged 1-3 ounces whenever I used it.

Tip #3 Aloe Vera Bags

Ahhhh how wonderful these were those first few days. I took two breast milk storage bags and filled them with burn plant gen and popped them into the freezer. They were great for sore nipples. Sometimes they were a touch too cold if within the freezer so you might either allow them to sit out for a couple of minutes to chill or i might switch them to the fridge before applying. Either way- huge life saver for little or no money.

Tip #4 Hands Free Nursing Clip

Breastfeeding newborns publicly is often difficult. You would like all the assistance you can get to stay your hands free and this tiny clip thing does exactly that. Combine it with the free nursing cover below that helps keep your hands free too and you’ll have smooth sailing when it involves nursing while out and about.

Tip #5 Udder Covers Nursing Cover

Take an honest check out that picture. does one notice anything different that nursing cover? it’s what’s called a D-ring at the highest . Mom is in a position to seem down at baby without using her hand to tug back the material . This leaves both hands liberal to do what they have to.

Tip #6 Quick Clean Steam Bags from Medela

I hate washing pump parts. Like really hate it. Mostly due to what proportion time it takes but more because i’m so neurotic over it it’s really clean or not. I desire a lot of germs could hide altogether those little crevices. Enter the Meleda quick clean steam bagsyou only fill it with a touch water, pop it within the microwave for 4 minutes and you’ve got sanitized pump parts!

Tip #7 Hold and Cold Therapy

I really love these Lansinoh Thera-pearlsthey will be stored within the freezer for cold therapy when needed but what was really a game changer on behalf of me was the nice and cozy therapy. i might heat it up for about 30 seconds (sometimes just a touch less) then i might wrap it during a washcloth and apply it to by breast RIGHT before I started pumping. it might help my milk flow such a lot easier. it had been also an enormous help with clogged ducts, which I appeared to get a lot with my second daughter.

Tip #8 Breastfeeding Leggings

Another big breastfeeding newborn tip when nursing in public! Once you’ve got your shirt clipped up, you’ll have your whole belly exposed! These leggings are designed for postpartum mama’s with extra support inbuilt you’ll also just double your shirts up and wear a nursing tank under every top. I a bit like these because it gives me an excuse to wear leggings. Every day.

Tip #9 Rolled up Receiving blankets

This breastfeeding newborn tip may be a little strange to explain… so once your milk comes in your boobies are huge- like super huge. And heavy. Sometimes you would like a touch help holding them up so baby can nurse properly. Just roll up a skinny fabric receiving blanket and prop it under your breast. It makes it easier than having to carry it up during the entire feeding together with your hand. Make sense?

Tip #10 Nursing Nightlight

It’s a nursing night light. It also features a inbuilt timer which will vibrate after a particular amount of your time just in case you nod off . Which I do. All the time! i really like this!

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