How to Store Breast Milk from Days to Months

store breast milk

There are some breastfeeding mothers that find themselves with an overabundance of breast milk also as an outsized number who are also working mothers who need to pump and store breast milk to feed their babies if they’re not reception . This concept allows mothers to breastfeed their infants and continue the choice they’ve made to nourish within the healthiest way possible. Storing breast milk properly retains the benefits offered by breast milk therefore the mother may set about her day and be assured that her baby is getting the sustenance she desires without having to wean the baby off of breast milk before the mother is ready to undertake to to so. Provided below is a guide to storing breast milk which can help mothers enjoy all the benefits of successful breastfeeding.

Use or Store Leftover Milk from a Feeding

When you make bottles for feeding times, it’s not always easy to manage what proportion your baby will eat, especially within the start. He might be eating every two hours, but that doesn’t mean he will always eat the same amount whenever. At temperature , breast milk that has been freshly expressed are often stored for up to 4-10 hours but if you use it during a bottle, bacteria can get into that bottle and have time to cultivate, especially at temperature . Experts recommend using leftover breast milk for an additional feeding, discard anything that’s still leftover.

Reheating Freshly Expressed Milk

You can store breast milk right after it’s pumped within the refrigerator for up to a couple of week. However, it is best to only use it for 3 days. The benefits of breastfeeding are diminished if the milk getting used doesn’t contain the entire nutritional properties that it’s when first expressed from the breast. After 3 days, these nutrients begin to diminish so while the milk remains good for up to eight days, it’s best to use it quicker than that or freeze it if you think that that you simply won’t be able to do so.

No matter the tactic you use to store breast milk, the most important of all breastfeeding tips is to never ever microwave milk to reheat it. Use a bottle warmer or submerse the prepared bottle during a pot of predicament to heat the milk to temperature before feeding. Microwaving not only destroys important nutrients but it also creates uneven hot spots that might burn the baby’s mouth also as give an inconsistent temperature which can even discourage them from taking the bottle within the least .

Freezing and Reheating

  • You can freeze breast milk for up to 3-4 months but so on thaw and use it properly, certain measures must be observed. Some women actually encounter the problem of an oversupply of milk and through this case freezing are often very beneficial.
  • There are all kinds of breast milk storage bags on the market and they’re great for storing breast milk within the freezer but you’ll want to form bound to store the milk flat within the luggage so it are often stacked within the freezer, and you’ll have more room to store more milk.
  • Store in single servings and you’ll be able to thaw all within the fridge then reheat and use without messy portioning or thawing an excessive amount of directly .
  • It is best to thaw frozen milk first then reheat it to urge the only consistency and even temperature. If the milk separates during the thawing process and there are fatty deposits, stir gently to incorporate instead of shaking because shaking too vigorously can destroy variety of the nutrient properties of the milk.
  • After thawing frozen milk, keep it within the fridge and use within 24 hours. it isn’t advisable to store thawed milk at temperature like you’d fresh milk or to use for quite one freezing.

Pro tip: if your baby isn’t eating the entire single serving that you simply simply freeze, start freezing in half portions. you’ll use one and if the baby remains hungry reheat subsequent one or use it for subsequent feeding.

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